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Hosted by the Classics Department, visiting artist from the Brown Arts Institute Shivaike Shah presented a talk on his upcoming film Medea. Producer Shivaike Shah presented a talk to the HWS community as part of his countrywide “Uprooting Medea” tour on March 14. A visiting artist at Brown Arts Institute and the founder of Khameleon

Uprooting Medea Theatre and film production company will lead a discussion on activism and canonical texts on Monday. Members of Khameleon Production, a theatre production company that touts “Creativity is best when it is Diverse” will offer a talk at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 14 in the Sanford Room of the Warren Hunting Smith Library. The

Elizabeth Fajardo ’20 has been accepted to University of California at Berkeley’s Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology integrated M.A. and Ph.D. program. Elizabeth Fajardo ’20 is one of only two students to be accepted to University of California at Berkeley’s Ancient History and Mediterranean Archeology integrated M.A./Ph.D. program. With full funding, she will enroll in five

A team made up of HWS faculty and staff took home first place honors in the annual adult spelling bee that raises funds for the nonprofit organization Literacy Volunteers Ontario-Yates. Galeate. Kaddish. With the correct spelling of those two words — the first means helmet shaped or hooded, the second is a 13th century Aramaic

The Center for Global Education has announced new Short-term Study Abroad programs for the summer of 2021 and in December of 2021-January 2022. HWS faculty-led programs will be offered to countries in South East Asia, Latin America and Europe, where students can participate in a range of opportunities including learning from entrepreneurs in Scotland, exploring

Dhiraj Mukkamala ’20 (pictured above on right) has been accepted to a comprehensive development program at Prudential Financial. The firm will provide training in preparation for his securities exams, then offer him a position as a Financial Advisor in Boston, Mass. While he gains insight to the financial services industry, Mukkamala is also continuing to

Twenty-eight students in the Classes of 2020 have graduated with Honors, demonstrating academic rigor and excellence in written and oral communication. Their research topics ranged from United States foreign policy and energy production in remote areas, to the study of anti-cancer drugs and more. To complete an Honors project at the Colleges, students embark on

“Pay attention to how your soul is responding in your interviews and your work. Learn your truth and celebrate your good fortune in your calling,” former portfolio manager at American Stock Exchange and retired faith leader Christine Janis ’76 told the graduating Classes of 2019. As the 2019 Baccalaureate speaker, Janis shared her story of

Andrew Schrader ’21 was recently named the winner of the Physics Department’s 2019 Albert Holland Physics Lecture Competition, after the delivery of his presentation, “Archimedes’ Principle: What Else Will Float Your Boat?” The competition invites HWS students to conduct a 15-minute lecture in which some significant principle or application of physics is derived and explained.

This year, six Hobart and William Smith students have been selected to receive awards from the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program. Alexandra “Sasha” Carey ’18, MAT ’19, Loretta Hauslauer ’19, Cynthia Kellett ’19, Meredith Kellogg ’19, Miranda Smith ’18, MAT ’19 and Brandi Taylor ’19, MAT ’20 were each recognized with a U.S.