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The HWS Update

When Nikki Kersbergen, an English teacher with Geneva High School, found out she and colleagues could create new electives for students who pass the English Regents, she saw it as an “awesome opportunity,” but quickly realized there was a significant obstacle. The school did not have enough money to purchase materials to support the electives.

Over the past four weeks, through documentary and drama, the HWS Spanish Film Club Festival has taken audiences from Spain to Argentina, showcasing diverse cultures, subjects and styles. Developed this fall in collaboration with Pragda, a new film distributor whose main goal is to distribute new Hispanic cinema in the U.S. through public screenings at

Assistant Professor of Media and Society Leah Shafer and Visiting Assistant Professor of Media and Society Lisa Patti are in the preliminary stages of research and development for a new, born-digital text for the introductory Media and Society course at HWS. The iBook is envisioned as “a visually rich, born-digital, open source, modular textbook,” Shafer says.

Jeffrey Rizza ’16 and Alison Ware ’16 have been named as the first Quantitative Reasoning and Symbolic Logic Fellows for the new Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) program. The Q Fellows will work closely with their peers, helping with mathematic concepts across disciplines from psychology to economics to physics and environmental science, the fellows

If you had to pack your life into a single suitcase, what you would you bring? With “The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic” (2008), authors Darby Penney and Peter Stastny, along with photographer Lisa Rinzler, brought to light a stark narrative of 20th century psychiatric care and gave voice to

In anticipation of finals, Resident Assistants and Teaching Fellows/Study Mentors will provide academic assistance and a variety of de-stressing services to students, in the lounge on the first floor of Rees Hall on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 12 to 3 p.m. From tutoring to time-management and study tips to study supplies and snacks, these services

Playing and analyzing Xbox 360 games in class is helping students grasp the pervasiveness of stereotypes. Giving up texting, meat-eating and driving is spurring firsthand understanding of environmental issues. Exploring Roman history through digital mapping is bringing long-ago places to life. Those examples of creative teaching – which grab students’ interest, push them to ask

At the Colleges, the annual Senior Symposium offers seniors and students in the Master of Arts in Teaching program the opportunity to showcase their intellectual passions to the entire campus community. Coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), this year’s Senior Symposium is slated to take place on Friday, April, 19. Student presentations

The Writing Colleagues Program and Writing Fellows in the Center for Teaching and Learning will sponsor the inaugural First-Year Writing Prize this spring semester. Vying for top honors are 18 student finalists, who were nominated by a First-Year Seminar professor on the basis of exemplarily student writing in an essay assignment during fall 2012. After a vetting process,

In partnership with Geneva 2020’s efforts to advance the Geneva schools and build a stronger community, the Colleges will host a walking field trip for Geneva’s second grade students on Thursday, April 25 and Thursday, May 2. Organized by Emily Nugent ’13, a student teacher at West Street Elementary School, the students will get a