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The HWS Update

President Joyce P. Jacobsen discussed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s new workforce report tonight (June 1) on the daily economics radio program from American Public Media. This week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published “The America Works Report: Quantifying the Nation’s Workforce Crisis,” which cites employers’ “unprecedented challenges trying to find workers to fill jobs.”

HWS professor and artist Nick Ruth has been selected to curate the International Print Exchange Programme’s 2021 exhibition. Since 2013, the International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP) has offered printmakers a forum to share their work with one another and audiences across the globe. For the IPEP’s 2021 exhibition, Class of ’64 Endowed Professor of Art and

Hobart and William Smith recognize students, faculty and partners in Geneva for their investment in the local community.

Neuroscientists are starting to realize that, in addition to performing computations, the brain also must communicate within itself. The key point is that, although communication involves computation, communication systems rely on different fundamental design principles than those of computing systems,” Graham writes.

On the latest episode of the Pulteney Street Podcast, President Joyce P. Jacobsen and Professor of Women’s Studies Betty Bayer delve into key figures, moments and policies in women’s history in the Finger Lakes and the U.S. Professor of Women’s Studies Betty Bayer joins the Pulteney Street Podcast with President Joyce P. Jacobsen to discuss Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell,

Three professors of Dance Ensemble, Donna Davenport, Michelle Iklé and Kelly Johnson, spent the spring semester with 35 William Smith dancers and two media and society students in a pandemic, masked, indoors and outdoors, in snow, on Seneca Lake piers, with green screens, on the streets of Geneva, and on stage, in 12-foot squares in Deming Theater, to create six new, short films.

Two new books — exploring feminist economics and gender in the social sciences — feature chapters by  President Joyce P. Jacobsen, a veteran scholar of economics concentrating on gender. President Joyce P. Jacobsen explores the history of feminist economics as well as its methodology in her newly published scholarship, featured in the books Gender, Considered

A new anthology on the celebrated director John Hughes features a chapter by Associate Professor of Media and Society Leah Shafer. Refocus: The Films of John Hughes, a new anthology of essays edited by Timothy Shary and Frances Smith, highlights the career and legacy of John Hughes, whose films include Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club

Professor of Education Jamie MaKinster will administer a wide range of programs shaping campus operations and the academic and curricular focus of the institution. Beginning July 1, Professor of Education Jamie MaKinster will join the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs as Associate Provost for Curricular Initiatives and Development. “Alongside her strengths as an educator

HWS faculty members honor three of their colleagues for their work as educators, scholars and community leaders. Last year, the celebration of faculty awards was disrupted due to the pandemic, but this spring, alongside the 2020 Commencement exercises, Professor of Art and Architecture Lara Blanchard, Associate Professor of Art and Architecture Gabriella D’Angelo and Instructor of