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The HWS Update

Moving out but can’t seem to fit all of your stuff in your car? Or maybe you can fit it all, but would rather not. Donate items someone else may want to the Third Annual HWS Community Barn Sale. The benefits of the event are twofold: the barn sales are in keeping with the American

Prabi Basnet ’09 is “going green” this summer – literally – by planting and maintaining an organic garden full of delicious vegetables in the backyard between Abbe Center for Jewish Life and Beta Sigma. The garden has brought students together who are interested in growing and eating local, organic food. Basnet was inspired to plant

Tom Drennen, associate professor of economics at HWS, spoke Monday, July 7 about hydrogen fuel as an alternative to gasoline on NPR’s show “Day to Day.” The show focused on rising oil prices and possible solutions to the oil problem. In response to a comment that hydrogen has risen and fallen as a solution a

Since Colleges President Mark D. Gearan signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment last September, Hobart and William Smith Colleges has cemented its place as a forerunner in a nationwide effort dedicated to making colleges and universities more “green” places to live and work. In response to that commitment, the HWS Climate Commitment

When HWS’ Tom “Captain Carbon” Drennen isn’t busy making the campus an even more green-friendly place, the Associate Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies is working in the community at-large, making it more educated about the environment. Drennen was the keynote speaker at The Center for Environmental Information’s (CEI) Community Salute Dinner held on Tuesday,

Religious Life on campus has a rich history of aiding students and HWS community members with spiritual guidance, personal ease and mental strength. But this semester, Religious Life is also doing its part for the planet. In addition to focusing on sustainable, eco-friendly living, Chaplain Lesley Adams says that the office will also ask, “How

B & G Purchase Electric Utility Carts This spring Buildings and Grounds (B & G) will begin to change the way they get around campus. “We recently bought two completely electric Club Car Carryalls, which are larger than a golf cart and have a sizable utility box behind its seats,” explained B & G Assistant