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The HWS Update

Blackwell Scholars Join Classes of 2012 It’s rare that undergraduate students entering their first year of college know not only that they want to become doctors but that they’ve already made it into medical school. Sound too good to be true? Well, that is the real life story of three HWS first-years – Wendi Bacon,

Microcinemtography Opens Spring Fisher Center Series When we think of cells – from that of human blood to sea urchants to plants – most of us see them in motion and, more to the point, in film. Because of the history of scientific cinema, our memories are of motion when it comes to cellular activity:

In 1849 when Elizabeth Blackwell graduated at the top of her Geneva Medical College class, she blazed trails and moved mountains for generations of female doctors and professional women. Today, HWS students are still reaping the benefits of her pioneering efforts. Earlier this fall, three graduates from the Classes of 2008, Nicholas Baranco, Meaghan McCarthy,