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Away Café Open Mic Night

Storytelling is the focus of the Away Café, an open mic night loosely organized around the theme of “stories that cross borders.” The event offers a venue in which students returning from abroad, international students, or anyone else can share experiences they’ve had visiting new places, meeting new people, crossing cultures, and engaging with “difference.”

Listen to previous Away Café Stories:

Jillian McCarthy
Jillian hated hiking, until she reached the top of Huayna Piccu, the iconic mountain overlooking the Incan ruin of Macchu Piccu.

Rachel Hadley
Rachel told a story about her fascination with prisons, and how she finally got her chance to visit a prison, in Denmark.

Emma Link
A story about trying to learn to breathe, at eight years old, in a Buddhist monastery.

Jordan Loretz
Jordan explored communication, language, and the power of music.
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Having trouble coming up with a story? Looking for some inspiration? Keep reading!

A few possible starting-off points that can be interpreted literally or metaphorically:

  • Baggage: stories about what we carried
  • Maps: stories about how we found or lost ourselves
  • Tourist: stories about fitting in, or not
  • Boots: stories our shoes would tell (if they could)

How to tell your story:
You may share your story through speech, song, art, poetry, or the written word in an open mic format. Your story should have a beginning, middle, and end, and a point. Tell us about something that happened to you that is important, be it funny, sad, absurd, or, like real life, a mix of everything.
Practice your story! Try to know your story well enough that you will not forget the important stuff, that way you can be free to have fun with the details.

Please contact Jennifer O’Neil (oneil@hws.edu) with any questions.