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Digital Storytelling

The Digital Storytelling movement is based on a simple, yet powerful, premise: everyone has interesting stories to tell. We believe that this is particularly true for students who have had the opportunity to live and study abroad. At its core, Digital Storytelling involves using words and images to create short (about 3 minutes) films that are easy to share. It is an ideal way for returned study abroad students to reflect on and share stories about their time abroad; it also helps them to learn how to articulate their experiences in a clear, concise way – an extremely valuable life skill.

The CGE offers occasional Digital Storytelling workshops, and the CGE’s re-entry course “Continuing the Journey” also includes a module in which participants learn how to make their own digital stories.

Check out some insightful digital stories by HWS study abroad returnees:

“Silence” by Jessica Bishop
Jessica Bishop describes the challenges – and joys – of learning another language while studying abroad.

“Green” by Rachel Newcomb
Rachel Newcomb uses the color green to reflect on her time spent studying in Galway, Ireland.

“Do You Regret It?” by Meg McKean
During an excursion to Northern Ireland, Meg McKean spent a day in Belfast learning about “The Troubles.”

“I Have a Lady for That” by Bree von Bradsky
Bree von Bradsky describes her interactions with food vendors in Hanoi, Vietnam.