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Re-entry Course: Continuing the Journey

Continuing the Journey: From Study Abroad to a Life of Global Engagement

Course description:
You’ve just returned from an exciting semester abroad – now what? The re-entry process can be challenging, but it also presents unique opportunities for you to build upon and remain engaged with your international experiences. This ½ credit Reader’s College course will help those who have just returned from studying abroad to better understand and communicate their experience to a variety of audiences. Students will participate in activities through which they will reflect back upon their time abroad, develop the skills needed to articulate their stories in oral, written, and digital forms, and learn to market their experience when applying for jobs or admission to graduate/professional school. In addition, students will share their experiences in various ways with the campus and/or local communities.

The course content will be organized along three prominent themes:
Reflect: What did study abroad mean for you?
Articulate: How do you communicate the experience to others?
Act: How can you connect your experience to the classroom, the community, and to your future?

A key component of the course will be a module on Digital Storytelling, in which students will learn how to create a short (about 3 minutes) film focusing on some aspect of their study abroad experience.