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Student Profile

Ani Freedman '21

Majors: Writing and Rhetoric & Spanish and Hispanic Studies
Seville, Spain Fall '19

"I decided to study in Seville to enhance both my global perspective and personal growth, as well as improve my Spanish skills. This experience allowed me to mature independently, gain new insight into other cultures, and simply become more confident."




The Aleph - a journal of global perspectives

Music & Smiles: The Shared Languages of the World
Ren Workman - Vietnam
Aleph 14

Walking through the streets, I see smiling faces. So many sounds fill my ears. Motorbikes beeping, chatter amongst friends, stepping in puddles, and music of all sorts. From traditional Vietnamese music to Despacito (especially Despacito), music is everywhere in the streets, homes, and cafés of Saigon... More >


Hidden Gems of Spain
Lauren Downes - Seville, Spain
Aleph 14
More >

Sole Searching
Jane Erickson - Indonesia
As an undergraduate, Jane studied abroad in Galway, Ireland.
Aleph 8

While working in Indonesia as an English teacher I settled into something of a rut, no longer challenging myself and finding little tranquility in the chaotic port city of Makasar. In a quest to find peace and inspiration, I visited Masjid Raya, the city's oldest mosque. Prior to living in Indonesia I would never have imagined going to a mosque, especially on my own. More >

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