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Crotty ’93 Runs for Manhattan District Attorney

Liz Crotty ’93 has entered the race to become Manhattan’s next District Attorney.

Liz Crotty ’93 is running to be Manhattan’s next District Attorney (DA). Having worked on both sides of the courtroom, as a prosecutor when she served as Manhattan’s Assistant District Attorney, and as a criminal defense lawyer and founding member of Crotty Saland PC, Crotty is determined to create a fair and just criminal justice system for victims and defendants. The primary election will take place on June 22, 2021.

“It’s a critical time for New York. The pandemic has taken its toll. And it’s the right time for me personally, to step up and serve my city. I’m in this race because I love New York,” says Crotty, a lifelong New Yorker, who grew up in Stuyvesant Town.

Crotty’s campaign slogan, “Smart Solutions, Equal Justice,” is born out of her experience in criminal law and complex civil litigation, and the work she sees ahead for a city at a crucial moment in criminal justice reform. Crotty’s platform addresses the criminalization of poverty, addiction and mental illness, redefining public safety and restoring public trust.

“I am a practitioner. I have learned the different mechanisms of the job over time by working on both sides of the courtroom. I’ve worked on close to 4,000 cases in my career. It’s not in a vacuum that I say any of this, it is based on experience. It is based on experience helping victims and helping defendants. That’s where I’m coming from,” she says.

In addition to upholding the laws of the State of New York, Crotty believes the next DA must reduce recidivism in the city. If elected, Crotty says her office will institute programs that promote restorative justice and further assist New Yorkers in reentering society from incarceration to find jobs and receive counseling and support.

View Crotty’s campaign video.

Crotty, who has enduring friendships from her time at the Colleges, earned her B.A. in history. She didn’t decide to pursue a law degree until after she graduated and briefly held a position in the media and entertainment industry. “My path has been very unconventional,” Crotty says. But she hopes her story resonates with people who feel like they may not have had the most traditional path. “I want people to understand, especially women, that you have to believe in yourself. People feel like they have to have the most impressive credentials in the room in order to make their voices heard. It’s not true.”

After attending Fordham Law School, Crotty worked in both criminal law and civil litigation. She became an assistant DA, working in the Trial and Investigative Divisions. After founding her own law firm, Crotty represented plaintiffs and defendants through a variety of cases, including grand larceny, fraud, assault, rape, DWI and weapons possession. She has earned the title, “Super Lawyer,” an honor given to those attorneys who attain a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement as a result of independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.