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Curry ’75 Livestreams Sermon, Offers “Habits of Grace”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, the Most Rev. Bishop Michael B. Curry ’75, has turned to technology to connect with the Episcopal congregation, delivering sermons and a new video series remotely while the pandemic persists.

“We will fight this particular contagion and all of our preexisting social contagions and divisions by the disciplined labor of love,” Curry says in his March 15 sermon. “Love working through medical folk, love working through leaders, love working through each one of us who can help and heal, maybe in small ways but add them up and they make a profound difference.”

In the first edition of “Habits of Grace,” a new video meditation series that will be updated each Monday through May, Curry reflects on the Sermon on the Mount, the importance of the Golden Rule “in this time when we are all called to physically distance from each other” and the opportunities for reflection that solitude offers.

Curry, who is scheduled to be the Commencement speaker for the Classes of 2020 postponed ceremony, is the first African American to serve as Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church. He is known for his “high-energy, evangelical” style (Washington Post), perhaps most famously displayed in his 2018 address at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As the church’s leader, Curry has been an advocate for an inclusive, authentic ministry committed to racial reconciliation, equal justice and equal opportunity. The author of several books, including Songs My Grandma Sang and The Power of Love, Curry has led churches in Winston-Salem, N.C., Lincoln Heights, Ohio and Baltimore, Md. In 2000, he was elected 11th bishop of North Carolina. In November 2015, he was elected to the position of presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Curry earned a degree in religious studies from Hobart, where he completed Honors and was a member of the Hobart Student Association. He went on to earn a master’s of divinity from Yale Divinity School. In 2016, he returned to HWS to participate in the President’s Forum and receive the Hobart Medal of Excellence, the Hobart College Alumni Association’s highest honor.