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Danish Sights, Food and People

Tess Weber ’23 colorfully describes her encounters in a travel blog. 

While studying abroad in Denmark, Tess Weber ’23 is documenting new experiences in her blog Travels With Tess: Spending the Fall 2021 Semester in Europe. As a student blogger, Weber is one of 15 American students who are capturing their day-to-day in the Danish Institute for Study Abroad program. 

Weber has so far shared a half-dozen posts and many photos. From writing about living in Mønten Kollegium—where she resides among other Danish Institute for Study Abroad and native-Danish students—to providing her two cents on “Taking everything one step at a time and one day at a time,” Weber describes her encounters with new sights, food and people. 

In the photographs above, HWS students take in the sights, food and cultural experiences of Copenhagen, Denmark.

At HWS, Weber is a member of the sailing team and is majoring in chemistry with a double-minor in economics and international relations. This summer, Weber conducted research at the Colleges with Professor of Chemistry Christine de Denus with a concentration on organometallic synthetic chemistry. This semester, Weber looks forward to deepening her understanding of European priorities and way of life.

“I decided to focus more on environmental and political classes, so I am taking ‘Environmental Economics’ and ‘EU & US Relations: Partners or Rivals, Terrorism and Counterterrorism from a European Perspective,’ and ‘Criminology and Criminal Justice in Scandinavia.’ The classes have been fascinating so far and taught in a very different way than in the U.S.” 

As a sailor, Weber hopes to get on the water in Copenhagen. “It’s very popular here to get on sailboats but they are different from the ones that I usually race.”

With her three-day weekends, Weber looks forward to traveling. She has already crossed off a couple items on her bucket list, such as attending a professional soccer game. Weber is also using her blog to generate ideas of exploration, and includes a post where she shares her “rose” and “thorn” of the day. 

To read up on Weber’s endeavors, visit her blog Travels with Tess.