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Meg Quint ’21


Hi! My name is Meg Quint and I am a junior studying biochemistry and philosophy at Hobart and William Smith originally from North Andover, Massachusetts. I am involved with quite a bit on campus including our LGBTQ+ Resource Center, One Love (educates young adults on the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships) and our American Chemical Society Student Chapter.


Here is my typical Wednesday schedule (pre-coronavirus, obviously!)

7:15 a.m. – Wake up and stretch. graphic

8 a.m. – Grab a quick bite to eat at Au Bon Pain. Usually I check my email and finish up the reading for my philosophy class later in the day.


9 a.m. – On some Wednesdays I have a quick check-in meeting with Julianne Miller from the Office of Spiritual Engagement to discuss and plan upcoming events for our Hillel organization. I currently serve as the Sustainability and LGBTQ+ representative on our Hillel board. I am in charge of composting all remaining food scraps from our weekly Shabbat dinners and planning any events about sustainability and LGBTQ+ identities in relation to Judaism.


10 a.m. – I run over to my lab to check on my cancer cells for my Honors project which is advised by Professor Sigrid Carle. I am studying HDACi drug resistance mechanisms in lymphoma and breast cancer cell lines. I spend most of my Thursday in the lab running experiments so I have to make sure the cells are strong enough and ready to go!

12 p.m. – I have my first class of the day! It is “Biochemistry II” with Professor David Craig. Professor Craig makes the difficult material fun and relatively easy to grasp.


1 p.m. – I have a short break before my next class. I have a meal plan, but I also live in the Random Acts of Kindness theme house and often choose to go home and make a quick lunch.


3 p.m. – I rush over to Au Bon Pain to grab an almond milk latte before running to my last class of the day.

3:15 p.m. – I arrive at Delancey for “History of Moral Theory” with Professor Eric Barnes. There are only 7 other students in the class. Classes are discussion-based, and Eric refuses to speak for the first 15 minutes so everyone comes prepared with thoughts and questions! I much prefer epistemology over moral theory, but the small class size allows us to joke around while learning a lot.

4:45 p.m. – I hang out with some friends and do work before dinner. Around 6 p.m. we head to Saga for dinner.

7 p.m. – I head to Coxe for a One Love meeting. We work to educate young adults on the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships.graphic I am currently the co-president of our campus chapter and I am working directly with the national organization to create LGBTQ+ relationship content. We are super excited because we just found out One Love will have a theme house next year!

8:30 p.m. – I usually head to my house to make a cup of tea, or I head to the library to read recent literature for my Honors project. If I don’t have any more work, I spend some quality time with my housemates.

11 p.m. – My ideal bedtime so I can be ready to take on the next day! Sometimes I may be in bed a bit later if I have an exam or paper due that Friday.

I am so sorry that you do not have the opportunity to visit our beautiful campus and meet our community before making your final decision. I am happy to answer any questions about Hobart and William Smith, my major/minor, our clubs and organizations, or our general campus community. I hope you are staying safe and healthy (both physically and emotionally), and are practicing some healthy social distancing!

My best —Meg Quint ’21

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