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Day of Donors Raises More than $80K

During this year’s second annual HWS Athletics Day of Donors (#ADOD), the Hobart and William Smith community raised $81,758 to support their favorite Heron and Statesmen teams.

“Thanks to the athletes, alums, parents, friends, coaches, faculty and staff of the Colleges, the Athletics Day of Donors has been a remarkable success two years running,” says Bob O’Connor, vice president for advancement. “We are proud to have a community that takes such pride in its hardworking, award-winning athletics programs. This is a big win for the Heron Society, Statesmen Athletic Association and HWS.”

With 1,971 individual donations to the Statesmen Athletic Association (SAA) and Heron Society, this year’s 24-hour giving challenge surpassed the 2016 tally of more than 1,715 gifts.

Additionally, each HWS team set a donor participation goal and competed against one another to win bonus cash up to $3,000. The three Hobart and three William Smith teams that achieved the highest percent of their donor goals earned a financial bonus for their 2017-18 budget. The first place teams earned $3,000, second place $2,000, and third place $1,000.

William Smith soccer, which took first last year, came in second in 2017 with 353 donors, reaching 471 percent of its donor goal, while Heron lacrosse took first place, hitting 511 percent of its goal. In third was William Smith rowing, with 218 donors, hitting 311 percent of its goal.

At 512 percent, Hobart tennis beat its donor goal by the widest margin of all Statesmen teams. In second place, at 389 percent of its goal, Hobart rowing brought in the most donors with 272, and in third was the men’s ice hockey team, with 123 percent of its goal.

Membership in the SAA and Heron Society allows fans to lend their support to Hobart and William Smith athletics. The two organizations assist the Statesmen and Herons with budgetary needs ranging from uniforms and apparel to equipment and travel and much more.