Alla IvanchikovaAssociate Professor of English and Creative Writing

Joined faculty in 2012

Contact Information

DemarestPhone (315) 781-3380

Courses Taught

Global literature courses:

  • ENG 170 - Global English Literature
  • ENG 213 - Environmental Literature 
  • ENG 276 - Imagining the Middle East
  • ENG 370 - Who am I? Identity in Global Literature
  • ENG 375 - Geographies of Nowhere: Mapping the Frontier
  • ENG 470 - Representing the 9/11 Wars 

Theory courses: 

  • ENG 205 - Narrative Analysis
  • ENG 304 - Feminist Literary Criticism 
  • ENG 410 - Radical Futures 



Imagining Afghanistan: Global Fiction and Film of the 9/11 Wars. Purdue University Press, 2019 
The Future of Lenin: Power, Politics, and Revolution in the 21st Century, an edited collection, with Robert Maclean. Under contract with SUNY press.  

Peer-reviewed articles: 
The Kite Runner 20 Years Later: Three Things Every Reader Should Know.” Critical Insights: The Kite Runner. Grey House, 2020.
"Geomediations in the Anthropocene: Fictions of the Geologic Turn." C21: Journal of Twenty-First Century Writings 6.1 (2018)
“Literary Geographies: Creative Mapping Assignments in a Humanities Classroom.” College Literature 44.4 (2017). 
"Imagining Afghanistan in Deep Time: Nadeem Aslam and the Aesthetic of the Geologic Turn." Modern Fiction Studies 63.2 (2017). 
"Conflicting Chronographies of One Invasion: Imagining Afghanistan in the Post-9/11 Global Novel." Textual Practice (2016). 
"Machinic Intimacies and Mechanical Brides: Collectivity between Prosthesis and Surrogacy in Mostow's Surrogates and Jonze's Her." Camera Obscura Vol. 91 (2016).   
"Cartographies of Transnational Desires: Bi-national Same-Sex Couples in Literature and Film.DisClosure: A Journal for Social Theory Vol. 26 (2016).
“Apocalypse at the Kremlin’s Door: Subverting Monumentality through a Punk-Prayer.” MediaFields Journal, 9 “Spaces of Protest” issue (2015).  
“Living in the Shadow of Radicalism: Fundamentalist Identities in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane and in Elena Chudinova’s 2048: The Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris.” Literature, Rhetoric and Values. Eds. Shelley Hulan, Murray McArthur and Randy Allen Harris. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012. 57-71. Print.
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Book review: “The Aesthetics of Trash in African Cinema.” Warscapes Journal. Web. (2014)
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