Portrait of Mukherji

S. Ani MukherjiAssociate Professor of American Studies

Joined faculty in 2016

Ph.D., Brown University, 2011 (American Studies)
M.A., University of California, Berkeley, 1999 (History)
B.A., Cornell University, 1998 (Literature and Social Theory)

Contact Information

Trinity HallPhone (315) 781-4033

Courses Taught

AMST 101: Introduction to American Studies

AMST 201: Methods in American Studies

AMST 221: Immigrant Arts: An Introduction to Asian American Cultures

AMST 222: American Empire

AMST 332: Racial Regimes and Anti-Racist Struggles

AMST 465: Senior Seminar



“’From Slavery to Slavery’: I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson’s Lost Moscow Manuscript, Black Radical Traditions, and Opposition to the Segregationist International” (In progress).

With Rachel Ida Buff, "Practices of Academic Freedom and Flowers of Liberation," Journal of Academic Freedom 12 (Fall 2021).

"Racism and the Wisconsin Idea," Boston Review (29 October 2018).

Reds Among the Sewer Socialists and McCarthyites: The Communist Party in Milwaukee," American Communist History 16:3-4 (2017): 112-142. (doi:10.1080/14743892.2017.1331302)

“‘Like Another Planet to the Darker Americans’: Black Cultural Work in 1930s Moscow,” in Africa in Europe: Studies in Transnational Practice in the Long Twentieth Century, eds. Eve Rosenhaft and Robbie Aitken. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2013.

Co-edited with Rachel Ida Buff, Journal of Academic Freedom 12 (Fall 2021).

Encyclopedia Entries

“Katayama Sen” and “Milwaukee” in Encyclopedia of the American Left, 3rd. Edition, eds. Mari Jo Buhle, Paul Buhle, and Dan Georgakas (forthcoming).

Select AAUP-HWS Journalism

"Tears, Anger, Hope, and Fear: Two Years as Chapter President," The Pink Slip (September 2020).