Kristin SladeAssociate Professor of Chemistry

Joined faculty in 2011

B.S., University of Richmond
Ph.D., University of North Carolina

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Contact Information

Lansing HallPhone (315) 781-3613

Scholarly Interest

Macromolecular crowding and its implication on enzyme kinetics
Histone deactylases (HDAC) in Tetrahymena


Research Students:

  1. Michael Conroy '18
  2. Sophie Melivn '18
  3. Al Wilcox '16
  4. Micaela LoConte '16
  5. Chris Poggi '16
  6. Schyuler Lockwood '16
  7. Melissa Mahajan '15
  8. Anola Stage '15
  9. Bridget Logan '15
  10. Maria Mangine '14
  11. Erxin Du '14
  12. Alyssa Sullivan '14
  13. Deepak Vallabhaneni '13
  14. Samuel Schneider '13

Research Statement:
The interior of cells consists of a heterogeneous mixture of macromolecules that are tens to hundreds of times more concentrated than the dilute conditions used in most in vitro studies. I am interested in how this densely packed interior affects enzyme kinetics. Do crowded cellular conditions enhance or reduce the rate of reactions? Are the effects of crowding enzyme specific, or are general trends observed? Students in my lab use chemical, analytical and biological techniques to address these questions. We focus on creating controlled, in vitro environments containing crowding agents that mimic intracellular conditions. I am especially interested the family of enzymes known as dehydrogenases, which play a crucial role in metabolism. Understanding how crowding affects such enzymes will provide insight about the downstream implications in aging and disease.

Courses Taught

Introduction to General Chemistry (CHEM 110)
Intermediate General Chemistry (CHEM 280)
Accelerated General Chemistry (CHEM 190)
Biochemistry I (CHEM 448)
Biochemistry II (CHEM 449)
Biochemistry Seminar (BCHEM)


Wilcox AE, LoConte MA, and Slade KM. 2016. Macromolecular Crowding Effects on Alcohol Dehydrogenase are Substrate Dependent. Biochemistry. 55 (25): 3550–3558

Schneider SH, Lockwood SP, Hargreaves DI, Slade DJ, LoConte MA, Logan BE, McLaughlin EE, Conroy MJ, and Slade KM. 2015. Slowed Diffusion and Excluded Contribute to the Effects of Macromolecular crowding on Alcohol Dehydrogenase Steady-State Kinetics.  Biochemistry. 54(38): 5898-906.

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Li C, Lutz EA, Slade KM, Ruf RA, Wang G, Pielak GJ. 2009. 19F-NMR studies of α-synuclein conformation and fibrillation. Biochemistry 48: 8578-8584.

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External Grants:
Cottrell College Science Award


Member, American Chemical Society and Biophysical Society