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Farash Scholarships Supporting Student Access

For the past six years, the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation has been helping local
HWS students who are the first in their families to attend college reach their academic goals debt-free.

The Farash First in Family Scholarship supports the full cost of attending college by covering tuition, room and board, textbooks, and any additional fees when combined with HWS financial aid. Supporting one student from each of the HWS class years, the current scholarship recipients are Sarah Taylor ’18, Mia Morrison ’19, Coron Broomfield ’20 and Lea Filyk ’21.

Sarah Taylor '18
Sarah Taylor ’18

“The generosity of the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation has made a real and meaningful difference in the lives of first-generation students at Hobart and William Smith,” says President Gregory J. Vincent ’83. “The First in Family program is an important facet of our enduring partnership with the Farash Foundation and we are grateful to work together to help prepare these exceptional individuals for the future.”

From the Geneva Heroes service program and playing for Herons basketball to leading the Hip~NotiQs Step and Dance Team and participating in the HWS String Ensemble, here is a snapshot of the activities of each of the Farash Scholars:

Mia Morrison '19
Mia Morrison ’19

Taylor, of Geneva, is a biology major with a health professions minor. She studied abroad in Australia and serves as a coordinator for the Geneva Heroes program, teaching team building and leadership skills to middle and high school students. “This scholarship has given me the opportunity to make the most of my experience at HWS,” Taylor says. “Even though graduation is near, I feel like I have more flexibility in what I choose to do next [because of the scholarship], whether I go on to graduate school or find work.” Taylor is a recipient of the Geneva Scholarship Associates (GSA) Endowed Scholarship.

Geneva native Morrison is a psychology major with a double minor in Africana studies and media and society. She is a member of the Herons basketball team. “Being able to graduate from college debt free is such a blessing; I couldn’t be more thankful,” says Morrison, who plans to earn a master’s degree in psychology and work as a sports psychologist or analyst. “Sports have always played an important role in my life and kept me grounded,” she says. “I would love it if they were also a part of my career.” Morrison is also a recipient of the GSA Endowed Scholarship.

Coron Broomfield '20
Coron Broomfield ’20

Broomfield is an architecture major from Canandaigua. Captain of HWS’ award-winning student group Hip~NotiQs Step and Dance Team. “The Farash Foundation has paved the way for me to be here,” he says. “Attending HWS is a tremendous opportunity that means a great deal to me and my future.”

Filyk intends to double major in economics and international relations, with a Russian language minor. The Rochester native is a member of the HWS String Ensemble and Rotaract club who hopes to attend graduate school for business after HWS. “The scholarship opens so many doors for me, and it motivates me to try to reach my potential,” Filyk says.

Lea Filyk ’21
Lea Filyk ’21

The First in Family Scholarship is open to students from Ontario and Monroe counties who are attending one of nine colleges and universities that are involved in the program. Alums Courtney Franceschi ’16 and Audrey English ’17 were the first Farash Scholars at HWS.

“Max and Marian Farash were passionate advocates for education, and this program honors and extends their commitment,” says Holli Budd, the Foundation’s executive director. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to change the course of their lives and those of their families.”