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Early Financial Aid Read

As college costs continue to rise, the availability of financial aid becomes increasingly important. If you are concerned about your ability to afford a Hobart and William Smith education, you may request an early financial read through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, to get an idea of your eligibility to receive financial aid at HWS. When an offer of financial assistance is made, all available funds will be considered in an attempt to meet your demonstrated need. This includes federal, state and institutional resources from scholarships, grants, loans and work-study.

What you need to do

1. Send an email to your Hobart and William Smith College’s Admissions Counselor to request an early estimate of financial aid eligibility. Please attach a current high school transcript for review. Find your admissions counselor here. 2. Submit the CSS PROFILE online and designate HWS as a recipient using school. Students who indicate their natural parents are divorced, separated or were never married MUST have their non-custodial parent complete the Noncustodial PROFILE (NCP). If applicable, please provide your non-custodial parent with your 7-digit CSS ID, which is generated upon completion of your CSS Profile, so s/he may complete and submit the NCP.

What HWS will do

When we have received both your high school transcript, and your completed CSS Profile, we will send a letter including an estimated aid package based on the current academic year. Please note: Results of Early Estimator applications do not constitute an offer of financial aid or admission by Hobart and William Smith Colleges. The early financial read is for planning purposes only. Should a student decide to apply to HWS they will need to apply for financial aid using the CSS PROFILE and FAFSA applications by the appropriate deadlines. Early financial reads will not be reviewed after a student has applied for admission to the Colleges.


If you have any questions regarding the financial aid process, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at: Phone: (315) 781-3315 Fax: (315) 781-4048 Email: finaid@hws.edu