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Fisher Center: Revolution in Russia and Latin America

In the final talk of the Fisher Center’s fall lecture series, Columbia University Professor Bruno Bosteels presented “Viewing the October Revolution from the Land of Zapata.” During the Nov. 29 talk, Bosteels assessed the Russian 1917 revolution from the perspective of revolutionary events in Latin America.

Bosteels’ visit is part of the Fisher Center’s year-long series, “Futures of Revolutions,” an exploration of the successes and failures of revolutions as these political, social, economic and technological forces are envisioned, imagined, realized and lived.

Bosteels is a professor in the department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures at Columbia University. His books in English include The Actuality of Communism (Verso) and Marx and Freud in Latin America (Duke). He is a past editor of the journal Diacritics and the editor and/or translator of half a dozen books by the French philosopher Alain Badiou.

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