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Forbes Honors Clifford ’12

Forbes has named Gregory L. Clifford ’12 in its 2018 list of “Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors.” Clifford, who manages assets at Merrill Lynch, places in the list’s top 200 and earns the distinction following Forbes’ extensive analysis of thousands of managers under 40 across the country.

“My work is driven by providing the most value to my clients, so this recognition from Forbes and leaders in the financial sector is very exciting. I’m honored,” says Clifford, founder and leader of The Clifford Group, a Merrill Lynch wealth management team based in Newton, Mass.

Clifford’s career at Merrill Lynch began with an internship he secured through the Colleges’ Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education during his sophomore year. “Intrigued by a little bit of everything,” Clifford discovered a solidified path through the internship and returned for subsequent summers before joining Merrill Lynch full-time.

“My favorite aspect of the field is the personal connection you develop with clients and hearing their perspective about their needs,” says Clifford. “You have the opportunity to work with people for a number of years and learn their most intimate hopes, dreams and fears.”

At Hobart, Clifford majored in English and served as captain of the football team — a formative experience that stayed with him when he welcomed Patrick Dunk ’17 to The Clifford Group earlier this year.

“I know the ideals that Hobart instills, especially in its student-athletes, and when Patrick approached me I knew it was a great fit,” says Clifford. “You have to pay it forward in this life.”