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Four Siblings Attend HWS

The Mitrow triplets and their younger sister, Ashley ’22, Brian ’22, Christina ’22 and Isabella ’23, often gather for Sunday dinner– a tradition they brought to college from their Italian upbringing in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. While they are happy to be together at school as a family, the Mitrows didn’t always plan on attending the same college. Each of the siblings chose to attend HWS on their own terms, urged by their parents to make the best decision for their personal and professional goals. The Mitrows have since forged their own identities on campus, and together, found a home away from home.

The HWS and Mitrow connection began with Brian, a media and society major, who plays for the Hobart lacrosse team.

“We make sure to eat Sunday dinner together,
it’s part of our old school Italian tradition.” – Brian

A driving factor in Christina’s college search was basketball. When Christina visited HWS for an overnight, she says she immediately clicked with the William Smith team. “The feeling on campus, you just can’t beat it,” she says. And since HWS has both DIII basketball and a DI lacrosse program, attending the same college as her triplet Brian became a reality.

While she is a chemistry major, Christina has always had an interest in the world of finance. Next summer, she will intern with Bank of America’s Global Transactions Team.

“My family is a big part of my identity. A lot of people know us as
the Mitrows.” – Christina

Ashley admits that with Brian and Christina certain of their future, she didn’t want to be the odd triplet out. It helped that HWS checked all of the other boxes she was searching for, including a top-ranked study abroad program and the opportunity to pursue pre-law studies in an interdisciplinary learning environment. A sociology major and Spanish and Hispanic studies minor, Ashley “stepped outside her comfort zone” and studied abroad in Seville, Spain in 2019, attending school away from her siblings for the first time.

She has also completed a job shadow and internship in criminal defense law with Peter Troxler ’94 at Koehler & Isaacs, LLP in New York City.

“We get along really well. It’s crazy how similar
but also how different we are.” – Ashley

As the youngest Mitrow, Isabella was there for Brian’s first visit and when she dropped the triplets off for their first year at HWS. She says she was struck by the beauty of campus, but didn’t make her decision until she learned about the strength of faculty-student relationships and the broad HWS Alum Network.

“The alum base and Career Services, it blew my mind,” Isabella says. “It stood out here more than at any other school I was looking at. When I leave here, I want to have a good job. Employers see that you attended HWS and you stand out.” Isabella is a media and society major and entrepreneurial studies minor at the Colleges.

“I still get to have my own identity, for every one of my brother’s
lacrosse friends who say, ‘Hey Mitrow,’ there are still a bunch of people
who are surprised to learn I have three other siblings on campus. It’s honestly amazing.” – Isabella

Ashley and Isabella are also members of William Smith basketball team. Ashley briefly stepped away from basketball after her senior year of high school due to injury. This year, Ashley returned to the game. The Mitrow sisters intended for this year to be their first season of college basketball as a unit. Although the season has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashley, Christina and Isabella are grateful for the opportunity to belong to the same team – an experience they haven’t shared since their days playing high school basketball.

The three sisters agree that on the court, they have great chemistry. “We’re so used to playing together. We know where the other person is. We don’t even have to think about it,” Christina says.

In addition to their basketball connection, Ashley and Isabella and Brian and Isabella have had classes together. They have also helped each other through important decisions, such as when Isabella chose her major, or when Ashley decided to study abroad.

Overall, being together at college has helped strengthen their family ties. “School has made us so much closer. They’re my best friends. The best thing about going to school with your siblings is knowing you have their support. And it’s just around the corner from you,” Isabella says.