Grateful Grads

Recent graduates reflect on the relationships they built at HWS.

Nick Stewart '15

Company Member, Step Afrika!

"Professors Chris Hatch and Chris Woodworth are one of a kind and I cherish their work ethic, love of the arts and the standard they held me to."

Meredith Kellogg '19

English Teaching Assistant; Fulbright Award Recipient

"I'd been considering the Fulbright program, but I wasn’t sure if I had a chance of getting a grant. Associate Director of Health Professions Counseling and Fellowship Advising Scott MacPhail became my grant adviser and I was offered abundant encouragement, advice and support throughout the process."

Jeremiah Otero Piersante '18

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Colorado State University

"I would not be where I am today without the advising and academic support provided by Professor Nick Metz, as well as other faculty members at the Colleges."

Tyler Terens '16

Sports Broadcaster

"Hobart Head Soccer Coach Shawn Griffin listened to my first tape and saw that I may be onto something. WHWS and WEOS Station Manager Greg Cotterill was also huge in helping me get my “official” start hosting a sports talk show while I was on campus."

Alexandra Covert '15

Archaeological Technician, Flagstaff Area National Monuments

"The network I made at HWS has significantly helped me in my career. I am forever grateful for the wonderful guidance from my adviser, Associate Professor of Anthropology Christopher Annear."

Namita Neerukonda '17

Medical Student, SUNY Upstate Medical University

"My HWS advisers, Associate Professor of Biology Patricia Mowery, Associate Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies Juan Liebana, and Associate Director of Health Professions Counseling and Fellowship Advising Scott MacPhail, were all extremely helpful in combining my varying academic interests and really made me appreciate the benefits of the relationships between students and professors at small undergraduate universities like HWS."

Natasha Patel '18

Housing and Public Benefits Paralegal at Legal Assistance of Western New York (LawNY)

"I am grateful for all of the professors who have been there for me since day one, in guiding my academic and personal development."

Kevin Goltz '19

Investment Banking Analyst, Power & Renewable Energy Group, Credit Suisse

"As far as answering the question of what I wanted to do, I thought it would be best to keep an open mind, which was reinforced with the help of my adviser, Jennifer Tessendorf.  One of my unanticipated best courses was “Energy” taught by  Darrin Magee, which quickly piqued my interest and led to a decision to minor in environmental studies. A year later, my major in Economics and minor in Environmental Studies merged when I took “Environmental Economics” with Thomas Drennen.”

Annabelle Everett '15

Content Strategist, Fidelity Investments

"I credit the supportive faculty and immersive classes at HWS for initially cultivating my skills as a writer, editor and thinker. My career has taken me on a path I would have never anticipated, and I am forever grateful to the Colleges for fostering my love of learning and preparing me for the “real world.”

Micaela Carney '18

Spanish Teacher, Canandaigua Middle School

"I am grateful to HWS and the unwavering support I received from both faculty and staff as I forged my path during my four years there."

Christopher Holoman '16

Commercial Renewal Underwriter, Chubb Westchester

"Career Services helped me with my resume and get my foot in the door to many different places. They kept me notified of openings at various companies and of alums who were visiting campus for networking. I remain grateful for their assistance."

Jonas Toupal '19

Earth and Environmental Science PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

"It was mostly my research experience and working very closely with Professor Nan Crystal Arens that led me to getting accepted into the Ph.D program at University of Pennsylvania. Her guidance, mentorship and feedback on the countless versions of my statement of purpose made my application as strong as it could have been."

Alexandra Welych- Miller '15

School-Based Clinician, Rutland Mental Health Services

"My HWS professors from both the dance and psychology departments have been invaluable resources, from writing graduate recommendation letters, offering tips on workshops to attend, and giving advice on how I could combine my love for dance with my clinical knowledge."

Graduate Student, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs of Carleton University

"My professors in both the French and International Relations departments were very supportive throughout the graduate school application process. I was able to always come to them whenever needed with questions, ask them to revise and help edit my personal narratives, and to serve as references."

Jennifer Cytryn '16

Assistant to the Senior Advisor for Policy at the White House

"It was Professor of Philosophy Scott Brophy’s "Crime and Punishment" class where I developed an interest in analytical thinking and logical argumentation. My interest in policy, in combination with my newfound interest developed through Professor Brophy’s class, led me to pursue the field of law."