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Hand-Drawn Videos Teach Med Students

Histology, the study of the microscopic organization of tissues, is a foundational science for medical and pre-medical students. Christopher Demas ’17, a student at Alpert Medical School of Brown University, is making that study easier with a series of self-created videos that he is posting on his YouTube page.

His videos are being used by the first-year students at Brown, and feature detailed, full-color drawings of tissues as they might be seen under a light microscope—but clearer, and with helpful labels. Demas is featured in the videos drawing the images as he explains what the viewer is seeing.

Serving as the creator, producer, illustrator and editor of the video production, he says he works “closely with two mentors who are the course leaders of histology at Brown. They have been instrumental in helping me ensure the accuracy of the lectures.”

Demas says he was drawn to the video project through his love of drawing and teaching. “I am a visual learner so I tend to draw things out to understand them better,” he says. But what began as an effort to help his own learning became something bigger when he signed up for an elective Scholarly Concentration Program in Medical Education, an interdisciplinary independent study program at Brown that gave him the resources and time to create videos for use by other students.

A teaching fellow in physics and chemistry while a student at HWS, Demas hopes to continue to make “new and exciting video content in the years to come, and also hope to be part of the teaching faculty or a dean of medical education at a medical school in the future.”

While at Hobart, he juggled majors in biochemistry and physics with a minor in health professions. He was a house manager for Bampton Honor House, and was awarded the Sutherland Prize in Natural Science and the Dr. Mary Calderone Award, given to a student with great promise for a career in medicine.

At Brown, Demas is a Greek dancer who performs at festivals and an accomplished violinist who founded an orchestra (Providence Medical Orchestra) for the Brown medical community. While at Hobart, he was principal first violinist in the String Ensemble.