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Hood Featured on “Who Do You Think You Are?”

A recent episode of BBC’s genealogy documentary series, “Who Do You Think You Are?,” featured historical insight from Professor of History Clifton Hood. The episode, which aired on Thursday, July 20, on BBC One and which is available online, traced the genealogy of Clare Balding, an award-winning broadcaster, journalist and author.

“Who Do You Think You Are?,” an offshoot of the American series of the same title, traces the genealogy of a different celebrity each episode as they explore their family roots by speaking with historians at various archives and libraries.

Hood used his extensive and wide-ranging research of New York City’s upper elite to help uncover Balding’s family history. Specifically, Hood is featured in the episode talking about one of Balding’s ancestors who was a late 19th century New York City businessman that made a fortune selling a cooking ingredient.

Much of Hood’s recent research has focused on the history of New York City. His most recent book, In Pursuit of Privilege: A History of New York City’s Upper Class and the Making of a Metropolis, provides a cultural history of New York City’s upper class from mid-18th century to the present. He was also recently featured in an article in The Atlantic CityLab on the history and impact of New York’s elevated trains, and published an article on the evolution of elite housing for the City’s upper elite in Zócalo Public Square online magazine.