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Hotel and Airbnb Management Internships Offered by Philips ’88

In conjunction with the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education, Paine Lake Global founder Robert Philips ’88 invites students to apply for a summer program to learn about hotel and Airbnb management.

Students interested in hotel and Airbnb management are invited to apply for summer internships with Paine Lake Global, a company that assists clients with sales management and training, hospitality development, international strategy, and marketing and communications. Robert Philips ’88 serves as the firm’s founder and managing director.

The Introduction to Hotel and Airbnb Management program was started in the summer of 2020 in response to a call to the HWS community to offer internship opportunities for students whose plans had been cancelled or postponed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was a great chance to share insights on the wonders of the hospitality business,” says Philips, who has three decades of experience managing hotels and vacation lodging in a dozen countries and working with companies such as Hilton, Oakwood and Banyan Tree. “We covered it all — real estate finance, building a budget, the art of hospitality guest service and the differences between big brands like Hilton, Marriott, Airbnb and independents,” he says.

The majority of the summer 2021 program will be conducted through twice-weekly Zoom calls. As COVID-19 cases continue to decline and restrictions are lifted, students will be invited to participate in optional field trips to tour a hotel or Airbnb site. They are also encouraged to take a paying job in hospitality with a hotel or vacation rental company or at a restaurant and share their experiences.

The program will culminate with student presentations. Philips was impressed by last year’s final projects, which required students to select a market based on their hometown or a city they knew well. “There were discussions and analysis about Kathmandu, Nashville, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Nantucket, Marrakesh and more,” he says. “The unique insights, photos and observations were entertaining and amazing.”

Philips graduated with a degree in English, a major he chose after taking “English for Non-Majors” with former Professor of English Lee Quinby. “The ability to write and create a narrative has been a gift to have in business,” he says.

“After the success of last summer’s program, we’re thrilled to partner with Paine Lake and Bob again this year to offer internships for students interested in hotel and Airbnb management,” says Brandi Ferrara, director of the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education. “We’re grateful that, no matter the circumstances, our alum network finds unique ways for HWS students to connect with business leaders and explore careers.”

Students can apply for the Paine Lake internship through Handshake by clicking here.