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HWS Approves 14 Faculty for Tenure

The Hobart and William Smith Colleges Board of Trustees, upon recommendation of President Gregory J. Vincent ’83, approved tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor to 13 faculty members, and awarded tenure to Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Joseph Rusinko.

Effective July 1, 2018, Assistant Professors Jeffrey Blankenship (Art and Architecture); Kristen Brubaker (Environmental Studies); Bradley Cosentino (Biology); Matthew Crow (History); Ileana Dumitriu (Physics); Emily Fisher (Psychology); Daniel Graham (Psychology); Yan Hao (Mathematics and Computer Science); Jessica Hayes-Conroy (Women’s Studies); Alla Ivanchikova (English); Lisa Patti (Media and Society); Kristin Slade (Chemistry); and Courtney Wells (French and Francophone Studies) will be elevated to Associate Professor.

“The vibrant academic and cultural community we enjoy here at Hobart and William Smith Colleges is due in no small part to the dedication, enthusiasm and intellectual boldness of our talented faculty members,” says Vincent. “The Colleges are proud to congratulate the outstanding group of educators and scholars who earned tenure this year.”

BlankenshipBlankenship, who joined the faculty in 2011, teaches courses on the history of modern landscape architecture, as well as studio courses focused on urban and landscape design. He has delivered lectures and presentations on place, landscape and culture at conferences across the country, and is the author of various articles published in GeoHumanities, Landscape Journal, ACME and other journals. Blankenship holds a B.S. in landscape architecture from the University of Kentucky and a master’s in landscape architecture, a master’s in regional planning and a Ph.D. in cultural geography, all from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Brubaker Kristen portrait faculty Environmental StudiesBrubaker’s research revolves around remote sensing data to improve understanding of hydrologic, soil and terrain processes and how they impact forest landscapes. Her scholarly interests also include agroforestry, impacts of Marcellus shale and effects of land use history on current vegetation communities. Her research has appeared in the journals Canadian Journal of Remote SensingEarth Surface Dynamics and Hydrology and Earth System Science, among others. Brubaker, who joined the faculty in 2012, received a B.S. and Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University, and a M.S. from Mississippi State University.

Cosentino Brad-0107Cosentino’s research explores the ecological and evolutionary responses of wildlife to environmental change. He has a particular interest in understanding how human land use affects animal movements. Since joining the HWS faculty in 2012, Cosentino has published over a dozen research articles in journals including Biological Conservation, Molecular Ecology, Animal Behavior, and Ecology and Evolution, and he has been awarded grants from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Cosentino earned a B.A. from Augustana College (IL) and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois before joining the HWS faculty.

Crow Matthew Portrait 0022Crow’s teaching and research explores colonial and revolutionary U.S. history and American intellectual history. Currently focused on Herman Melville and the intellectual history of maritime law and literature, Crow’s scholarship has appeared in a number of journals. In 2017, he published the book Thomas Jefferson, Legal History, and the Art of Recollection. Crow joined the HWS faculty in 2012, after earning his B.A. from University of California, San Diego and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has been a research fellow at the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, the Huntington Library and other organizations.

DumitriuDumitriu, who joined the faculty in 2012, has published research on atomic, molecular and optical physics in Physical Review, Scientific Reports, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena and others journals. She holds a B.S. in physics from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania, a B.S. in civil engineering from Technical University Cluj-Napoca, and a M.A. and Ph.D. from Western Michigan University. Dumitriu has received grants from the Emerson Foundation, the Rochester Academy of Sciences and other regional and national organizations.

Fisher Emily Portrait Faculty PsychologyFisher’s research focuses on stereotyping and prejudice, social capital and community engagement, political psychology and consumer behavior. She has presented her scholarship on authoritarianism, social norms, and other topics at international conferences, and her work has been published in Journal of Politics, Political Psychology, Journal of Social Issues and elsewhere. Fisher earned a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, before joining the HWS faculty in 2011.

Graham Daniel-0035Graham, who specializes in the field of sensory and perceptual psychology, performs experimental, theoretical, and computational research related to visual processing and neural network communication. His scholarship has appeared in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesVision Research and other journals. A member of the faculty since 2012, Graham earned his B.A. in physics from Middlebury College and his M.S. in physics and Ph.D. in psychology from Cornell University.

Hao Yan portrait faculty Math and Computer ScienceHao, who joined the Colleges in 2012, teaches a range of courses in mathematics, spanning algebra and calculus, probability and statistics. As an applied mathematician, she explores probability and stochastic processes in her research, which has been published in European Physics Journal Nonlinear Biomedical Physics, Mathematical Biosciences, PLoS ONE and other journals. She earned a B.S. from Tsinghua University in China, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the College of William and Mary.


IC Summer Institute WorkersHayes-Conroy, whose research focuses on alternative food activism, nutrition intervention and social difference, is the author of Savoring Alternative Food: School Gardens, Healthy Eating, and Visceral Difference and coeditor of Doing Nutrition Differently: Critical Perspectives on Nutrition Intervention. Her teaching explores the intersections of health, food, feminism, geography and gender. She joined the faculty in 2011 with a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College, an M.A. from the University of Vermont and a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University.

IvanchikovaIvanchikova teaches literary theory and global literature, which intersects with her research into displacement, border-crossing and globalization. Her scholarship has appeared most recently in the journals College Literature, Modern Fiction Studies and Textual Practice, as well as the book Literature, Rhetoric and Values. Ivanchikova, who joined the faculty in 2012, holds a B.A. in philosophy from Moscow State University of Lomonozov, an M.A. from Central European University, Budapest, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

PattiPatti, who joined the HWS faculty in 2011, holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University. As a teacher and a scholar, she focuses on the contemporary translation and distribution of global media. She is coeditor of The Multilingual Screen: New Perspectives on Cinema and Linguistic Difference and coauthor of Film Studies: A Global Introduction, as well as the author of a number of book chapters and journal articles. She served as Chair of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Teaching Committee and co-edited two issues of Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier.

Rusinko Joseph 0002Rusinko, who joined the department in 2015, holds a B.S. from Davidson College and Ph.D. from University of Georgia. Focusing primarily on algebraic, geometric, and combinatorial approaches to modeling evolution, Rusinko has received several grants from the National Science Foundation and published research in SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics and Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, among other journals. He is the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Teaching Award for Beginning Faculty from the Southeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America.

Slade_Kristin Office 11-0237046Slade earned her B.S. from the University of Richmond and her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Before joining the HWS faculty in 2011, she served as a teaching and research postdoctoral fellow in molecular biology at Claremont Colleges. She has extensive research experience in biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology. The recipient of a number of fellowships and grants, Slade has published research in Biochemistry, BMC Cell Biology and other journals.

Wells Courtney portrait faculty French and Francophone StudiesWells, who joined the faculty in 2012, holds a B.A. from the University of Dallas, and a M.A. and Ph.D. from Boston University. His teaching and research interests span medieval lyric poetry, the oral and written transmission of medieval texts, Renaissance and more, and he teaches contemporary Catalan and Occitan culture in France. He is the medieval bibliographer for the journal Tenso, where he has also published several articles. His other work has appeared in Authority and Materiality in the Italian Songbook and The Moving Word: Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France.