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Virtual Tutoring

We are no longer accepting new applications for this program. Thank you to everyone who supported this effort through the 2020-21 school year.

Welcome to HWS Corps! HWS has supported tutoring and literacy in the Geneva area for decades, and now we are creating a new version of our tutoring program in order to better support local students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HWS Corps Virtual Tutors will meet with K-12th grade students 45 minutes twice a week via Zoom. We will match HWS tutors with local students based on the expertise of each tutor, scheduling, student needs, and common interests.

All students must have a parent or guardian fill out the request form (see button below) before participating in the program, and any student who also has a teacher recommendation (again—see button below) will be given priority in the matching process.

HWS Corps tutoring is FREE to parents and students! We appreciate your patience while waiting for an HWS tutor to be assigned, as the matching process can take a few weeks.

Please direct all follow-up questions to serve@hws.edu, and be sure to include your name, phone number, and student name and grade in all correspondence.

Please fill out the request form now!

Request a Tutor

I am the parent/guardian of a GCSD student and am requesting a virtual HWS tutor.

Recommend a student

I am a GCSD teacher recommending a specific student to work with an HWS tutor. Priority will be given to students with teacher recommendations.


Solicite un tutor

Para solicitar un tutor virtual gratis para su hijo, complete la solicitud en español a la derecha de esta página. Daremos prioridad a los estudiantes recomendados por sus maestros. El servicio de tutores es GRATIS.

Solicite un tutor

Soy el padre/guardián de un estudiante de GCSD y solicito un tutor virtual de HWS.


Educational Games

Educational Resources/Practice

Flash Cards


Movement Activities

Community-Created Resources

Resources Requiring Free Account

  • Read Theory: All Grades and English Language Learners/Reading Comprehension
  • Read Works: K-12, all subjects through reading.

Virtual Field Trips

  • San Diego Zoo/K-6th: This site has live streams of animal exhibits, animal profiles, online games, printable activity sheets and more
  • National Parks/K-12th: There are five different national parks to tour with accompanying audio from tour guides
  • National Museum of Natural History/3-12th: A fun engagement activity is to screenshot exhibits from the tour and have students do a scavenger hunt
  • Son Doong Cave/3-12th:
    • This is the largest cave on Earth
    • Can do a scavenger hunt by screenshotting images from the tour
    • Research the cave--there are a lot of cool facts that will help your student feel more engaged with the tour (and understand why it’s so cool to have a virtual tour of it!!).
    • My favorite fact is that they “lost” the cave for almost 20 years. A farmer discovered the cave in 1990, but researchers couldn’t find it again until 2009

Many thanks to the Office of Civic and Community Engagement at Wake Forest University and their team for inspiring us and allowing us to borrow heavily from their own virtual tutoring website.