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Emergency Medicine at HWS

When HWS Emergency Medical Services (EMS) student staff are on call, they are ready to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice. Comprised of a team of 17 students from a variety of majors, EMS is a volunteer, non-charging, first response agency committed to helping the campus community.

“We come from a super diverse background, but we all care about helping people and are interested in emergency medicine,” says Amanda Bruha ’20, interim captain of operations for HWS EMS. Bruha is an environmental studies and geoscience double major and in 2018 received the Carver and DeLaney Family Environmental Studies Endowment Grant. Currently, EMS volunteers are biology, mathematics, chemistry, economics and environmental science majors.

While many EMS student volunteers are pre-med, it is not a requirement to join. Bruha says she has seen students become involved who are passionate about helping others, and ultimately choose another career path, while others “find the push they need to commit to a pre-med track.”

Over the course of the fall semester, HWS EMS staff will dedicate roughly 5,000 hours of volunteer service to the campus community. Bruha and her team are responsible for coordinating the scheduling and training. The goal, says Bruha, is to “keep our skills sharp and identify areas of improvement.”

During the 2018-2019 academic year, EMS responded to 153 calls. This fall, they have responded to nearly 100 calls.

As students, Bruha says her team is well positioned. “On the scene, we are EMTs and carry that authority, but in addition we are students and can relate to our patients and build important relationships.”

HWS EMS students are on call 24/7. Although students may be in class or asleep, rotating members are ready to be contacted by cell phone or radio and stay in touch with the Office of Campus Safety. When not on call, EMTs spend time together at their on-campus theme house.

Students interested in applying to HWS EMS can send an email to ems@hws.edu to request an application.