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HWS Honors Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

In May, Hobart and William Smith celebrated more than 40 new inductees to the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honors society.

This semester, 44 Hobart and William Smith juniors and seniors were elected to Phi Beta Kappa in recognition of their commitment to academic rigor across the liberal arts. The students were inducted into the local HWS chapter, Zeta of New York, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this summer.

The ceremony was held on Monday, May 3, beginning at 7 p.m.

“The students we have elected to Phi Beta Kappa this year are all extraordinarily accomplished individuals who have embraced fully the value and importance of the liberal arts. As our chapter approaches its 150th anniversary this summer, I am sure that those who founded our chapter would find the same pride and joy in the accomplishments and passion of these students that we do today,” says Professor of Physics Donald Spector, the chapter president.

Students are elected by the chapter’s current membership, comprised of faculty and staff who were elected during their undergraduate careers. Selection is based on college standing, academic breadth, intellectual curiosity and personal character. They join a membership base that includes several past U.S. presidents, Supreme Court justices and Nobel laureates.

Keeping with tradition, Phi Beta Kappa faculty officers recognized students at this year’s virtual celebration. Faculty also planned a special interactive component as a substitute for the traditional signing of the book of Zeta Chapter, which signifies entrance to Phi Beta Kappa. Students will also have an opportunity to sign the book in person during Commencement week.

The gallery below includes photographs of the newly inducted Phi Beta Kappa members engaged in studies across the Colleges’ curriculum as they complete and present research, as well as participate in field studies, study abroad, and participate in athletics.

Phi Beta Kappa senior inductees are: Sarah Berman, Clifford Blanchard, Alyssa Capuano, Caroline Darcy, Edith Falk, Emily Finnegan, Courtney Flynn, Maxwell Harris, Emma Kelly, Olivia King, Sarah Laferrera, Jackson Lesure, Parkman Levis, Kayla Liszewski, Alexandra Low, Maialen Martinez, Daniel Masino, Garrett McGowan, Linh Nguyen, Emily O’Bryan, Isabella Pardales, Connor Parrow, Russell Payne, Meg Quint, Alexis Racioppa, Travis Schneider, Carly Shiever, Nicholas Stone, Bartolomeo Voto, Peggy Wagner, Julia Walters and Rachel Yackel.

They join their classmates who were elected last year as juniors: Walker Anderson, Bailey DiSanto, Shannon Drew, Emma Hardee, Claire Joshi and Olivia Rowland.

Twelve students from the Classes of 2022 received the society’s highest honor, induction during their junior year: Juniper Asaro-Niederlitz, Ani Freedman, Mary Hanrahan, Robin Kirchgessner, William Lyons, Madeleine Mood, Justine Pearson, Madison Riccardi, Sofia Schuller, Hope Snyder, Julia Stockwin and Taylor Wilkie.

Celebrating its 150th anniversary in July, Zeta of New York is one of the oldest Phi Beta Kappa chapters in the country and the sixth oldest in New York State, with a long list of distinguished HWS alumni and alumnae members.