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HWS Presents at Organic Chemistry Symposium

Hamilton pictureIn July, HWS chemistry faculty and students joined their counterparts from Hamilton College and Colgate University at the annual Summer Organic Research Symposium (SmORS).

Accompanied by Professor of Chemistry Erin Pelkey, Marissa McFadden ’19, Roslyn Patel ’20, Kaitlynn Sockett ’20 and Nate Webster ’19 presented a talk, “Synthesis and Development of Staurosporine Analogs and their Biological Activity,” discussing their synthetic work this summer, as well as their collaboration with Associate Professor and Chair of Biology Patricia Mowery and her two research students Andrew Hermann ’19 and Bri Hurysz ’20. Associate Professor of Chemistry Justin Miller also attended the symposium.

“SmORS is an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to get together and talk about their synthetic organic chemistry projects,” says Pelkey. “It is something that all of us look forward to every year. Making and delivering the presentations along with answering questions of other presenters is great for the professional development of the students. It allows students to take stock of where they are and to see additional breadth in the field of organic chemistry by seeing what other students are doing.”

SmORS, which began meeting in the late 1990s, “also allows relationships to build among faculty from the various institutions,” Pelkey explains.

Since they joined the group in 2010, faculty from Hamilton and Colgate have served as external Honors examiners at HWS, and the Colleges have hosted the symposium, most recently in 2016.