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Colleges Respond to COVID-19

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread in New York State, around the country and around the world, Hobart and William Smith Colleges have announced a number of precautionary measures to preserve the health and safety of those on campus and abroad while ensuring that teaching and learning continue with as few disruptions as possible.

“Our goal is to provide reasonable guidance and advice to the community as we institute policies and procedures that are levelheaded and prudent,” says President Joyce P. Jacobsen. “The HWS Emergency Management Team has been monitoring guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, and has been in frequent contact with local and state health departments. In light of their guidance and the evolving nature of COVID-19, the Colleges remain open but will switch to a remote instructional model starting Monday, March 23.”

Remote learning allows students to engage in learning while separated physically from other students and their professors. In consideration of public health advice that minimizing face-to-face interactions and large gatherings of people can help prevent the spread of the virus, the Colleges have mandated remote learning for all spring 2020 courses for the time being.

Students can remain on campus during spring break if they have registered to do so. Residence halls will be open for the remainder of the semester should students and their families determine that living on campus while learning remotely is the best option. For those who elect to remain on campus, the Colleges will continue to offer a full suite of support services including full room and board.

For more details about the Colleges’ planning and response to COVID-19  — including answers to questions, links to resources, and all of the Colleges’ communications regarding the situation — visit the Colleges’ informational page about COVID-19.