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HWS Theatre Presents Memories of Overdevelopment

A livestreamed production of Memories of Overdevelopment grapples with autocracy, global politics and truth. 

Hobart and William Smith’s Theatre Department will be among the first theatres in the United States to produce a fully staged developmental production of Memories of Overdevelopment, a searing insight to life under autocratic rule.

OBIE award-winning playwright Caridad Svich describes her work as “a film: a documentary about what people remember about dictatorships where they grew up and how they left and how they survived” and a “quiet revolution about loud things.” She wrote the script shortly after insurgents stormed the U.S. Capitol building last year.

The HWS performance will be livestreamed Thursday-Saturday, March 3, 4, 5 at 7:30 p.m. and March 5 at 2 p.m. Click here for ticket reservations. The production features audio description as one of the integrated design components.

Associate Professor of Theatre Heather May, who directs the production, says the script is a “lyrical gut punch that denies binaries of good and evil, purity and corruption, freedom and constraint.”

May attributes much of the power of the play to “Svich’s ability to write characters and dialogue that somehow manage to be both universal and specific, allowing room for the creative team to discover its own relationship to the text and ideas it presents.  While the subject matter is difficult and urgent, the treatment is evocative and expansive.”

Memories of Overdevelopment also explores the relationship between liveness, truth, editing and medium. By livestreaming the performance, May reflects, audiences will have a safe and accessible viewing experience. May also hopes the delivery invites audiences to question “the way different mediums impact the way we perceive truth.”

Cast members include Anthony Bray ’23, Sal Fabio ’22, Izzy Huelgas ’25, Kevin Johnson, Van Nguyen ’24, Eliyah Roberts ’24, Troy Tedeschi ’22 and July Winters ’24. Exchange student Berit Schönegge serves as the stage manager. Assistant stage managers are Hailey Adams ’24 and Gaslly Jacques ’23. The design team is led by scenic and lighting director Ed Hallborg, costume designer Katharine Tarkulich, and sound and editing director Kelly Walker. Kyle Mast ’24 is a technical assistant. Accessibility design team members are Derrielle Faulkner ’25, DeYing Chen ’22 and Jafri Syed ’24.