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HWS Votes 2021

HWS Votes partners with StudentVote.org and Congress to Campus for Fall 2021.

After a massive get-out-the-vote bipartisan effort during last year’s election, HWS Votes is excited to announce that the 2021-22 year will continue the GOTV love with a new voter registration partnership and the return of Congress to Campus programming.

HWS Votes is launching a partnership with StudentVote.org, which is part of the Rock the Vote effort that works to increase voter registration and turnout on college campuses across the country. Aligned with the Student Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)’s New Voters Project, the organization leads a nonpartisan effort to register young people to vote and help get them to the polls on Election Day.

HWS Votes leader Kate Equinozzi ’23
HWS Votes leader Kate Equinozzi ’23

“HWS Votes, StudentVote.org and Rock the Vote are focused on voter registration and voting—not endorsing a specific political party or candidate,” says HWS Votes leader Kate Equinozzi ’23.

Through the new partnership with StudentVote.org, HWS students can register to vote when they sign up for classes through PeopleSoft. Equinozzi urges students to be on the lookout for the StudentVote.org prompt as they sign up for classes.

Congress to Campus, an Association of former members of U.S. Congress, connects former representatives with students to promote civic interest and understanding. The bipartisan program is designed to inspire students to participate in U.S. democracy. From Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, two former members of Congress representing both sides of the political aisle will attend HWS classes, participate in special topic meals, and host a community gathering on Monday, Nov. 1. The time and location will be announced shortly.