What is #HWSDay?

#HWSday is the Colleges' annual social media extravaganza that celebrates all things Hobart and William Smith! Each year on #HWSday, members of the HWS community can show off their school spirit, help unlock big campus announcements (like the 2016 Commencement speaker) and compete for prizes by participating in photo contests across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Why did it start?

#HWSday has traditionally served as a way for students to come together to showcase their school spirit through a variety of fun activities. In the early years of #HWSday – before cell phones and selfies – HWS students gathered on the Quad and at the lake to compete in spirited tournaments like Coordinate Hopscotch, Blackwell Ball-in-a-Cup, and the ever-popular hootenanny that is the Hoop Roll down William Smith Hill. Today, #HWSday is hallowed as a glorious reminder of traditions past, present and even those yet to come.

Here's a brief timeline of the landmark discoveries that have shaped #HWSday as we know it:

1833 – Cornelius Ciaccia sends 1st #HWSday "tweet" via carrier pigeon

1904 – Ebaneezer Stewart takes 1st Instagram photo with flash

1974 – Deborah Williams accepts 1st Facebook friend request in Smith Hall

2014 – HWS swaps various field day activities for photo contests

2016 - HWS forges "Most Versatile Participant (MVP)" trophy