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Interning at The Brussels Times

While studying abroad in Belgium, Shelia Uría Veliz ’21 completed an internship with The Brussels Times. A writing and rhetoric major with a concentration in journalism, Uría Veliz also enrolled in courses at Vesalius College.

The Brussels Times is an English-language news media website in the heart of Brussels. As a writing intern, Uría Veliz wrote three to four stories a day. Recently, Uría Veliz published an article on the Chilean feminist protest movement that has arrived in the city of Brussels. She also wrote about biking and scooter traffic in the city, legislation to ban CBD stores near schools, and the Brussels’ holiday markets. Find all of her articles here.

“Working for The Brussels Times, I was constantly reading and writing about what goes on in the city,” Uría Veliz says. “I think that my internship allowed me to understand certain aspects of the Belgian fabric and identity that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t work with the newspaper.” She also says she sharpened her “journalistic skills” in the process.

At Vesalius College, Uría Veliz took “Understanding Conflicts in the Mediterranean Region,” “Security, Migration and Diversity in Europe” and a French language course. While in Brussels, Uria lived with a host family which gave her the opportunity to practice speaking French over dinner every night.

Uría Veliz also documented her experience abroad on Instagram with her account @sheilameetsbrussels and the hashtag #sheilameetsbrussels.