Setting Up an E-Billing Account

The Student Accounts Office utilizes only electronic billing, and no paper invoices are mailed. Please follow these steps to set up an account with our partner Nelnet Campus Commerce, to view your real time account balance, view your e-bill, make a payment, or set up a payment plan.

Please note: Students must first set up their account through their Student Center in the PeopleSoft portal and then give permission to additional authorized parties.

Each time that an e-bill is produced, Nelnet Campus Commerce will e-mail students and authorized parties registered within the Nelnet system to notify them that a bill is ready to be viewed.

To set up the account in the Student Center:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Campus Solutions Campus Solutions
  3. Log in to Campus Solutions Campus Solutions
  4. On the menu, go to Main Menu > Self Service > Student Center Student Center
  5. Under the Finances Section, click View Bill and Payment Options
    Note: you may need to enable the Nelnet site in your pop-up blocker to progress to the next step. For instructions on enabling pop-ups in various browsers, visit Bill Pay Troubleshooting Bill Pay Options
  6. Create an Account
    From here you can view your charges, e-bills, make payments, or set up a payment plan in the amount of your choosing.

    If you are experiencing issues setting up your account or adding an authorized party (instructions below) within Nelnet Campus Commerce, please contact Nelnet customer support at (800) 609-8056.

  7. On the Nelnet welcome page, in the right section at the bottom, click Add an Authorized Party
    add party
  8. Fill out the authorized party form

    authorized party form
  9. Check the box Include the details that make up my balance
  10. Click Save

To access the e-bill account as an authorized party (for parents, guardians, or other authorized parties):

The Authorized Party will receive an e-mail to log in and set up their account preferences.

Authorized parties can then access/manage the account and payments at any time by logging into after account set up is complete.