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Jacobsen on Feminist Economics

In a blog post adapted from her latest book, President Joyce P. Jacobsen outlines how feminist economics “turns a critical and gender-aware eye on the field of economics, as well as on how real world economies function.”

Jacobsen Joyce P-00002BIn Advanced Introduction to Feminist Economics, President Joyce P. Jacobsen offers a comprehensive exploration of feminist approaches to economic analysis and critique that have shaped and redefined the discipline. A version of the book’s introduction, posted this month on the publisher’s blog, describes the history of the field, the scope of what feminist economists study, how they go about their scholarship and why.

Feminist economics “emphasizes human and systems interconnectivity rather than independence,” Jacobsen writes. “It questions the traditional divide between positive (what is) and normative (what should be) in economics without foregoing objectivity. Feminist critiques of economics serve in large part to rehumanize economics as a field and remind us that answers, if they are to questions that have become devoid of meaning, are not really answers after all.”

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Published in 2020 by Edward Elgar, Advanced Introduction to Feminist Economics highlights the core concepts of feminist economics, discussing what constitutes the subfield and what distinguishes it from other approaches. Using a feminist theoretical framework, the textbook examines ways to quantify the traditionally unmeasured economy as well as the economic role of family structure and social policy, economic development, environmental and ecological economics, and international trade and finance.

Yana van der Meulen Rodgers, a scholar of feminist economics and professor at Rutgers University, writes that Jacobsen’s “interesting and highly relevant book” provides “a masterful account of the issues, debates and ideas that feminist economists have written about for decades. Jacobsen has both the research record and the career trajectory to write as a leading expert on the intersections between economics and feminism. This is no ordinary textbook; rather it is an informed and carefully-crafted digest that fills a gaping hole in the literature and will enlighten students and educators alike.”

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An expert on labor economics, particularly the economics of gender, Jacobsen is the author of scores of journal articles and book chapters exploring sex segregation, migration and the effects of labor force intermittency on women’s earnings, among other topics. Her previous books include The Economics of Gender, Queer Economics: A Reader (co-edited with Adam Zeller) and Labor Markets and Employment Relationships (with Gilbert L. Skillman).