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Jacobsen Publishes on Gender, Feminist Economics

Two new books — exploring feminist economics and gender in the social sciences — feature chapters by  President Joyce P. Jacobsen, a veteran scholar of economics concentrating on gender.

President Joyce P. Jacobsen explores the history of feminist economics as well as its methodology in her newly published scholarship, featured in the books Gender, Considered and The Routledge Handbook of Feminist Economics.

Gender, Considered includes reflections from 15 feminist social scientists, who offer personal and scholarly examinations of how gender evolved as a disciplinary and interdisciplinary subject in academia. In Jacobsen’s chapter, “From Neoclassicism to Heterodoxy: The Making of a Feminist Economist,” she considers “the progress of women in the economy, the academy, and the economics profession” and “the frame in which I found myself at the time of receiving my education, up to the present day.”

Edited by University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Sarah Fenstermaker and University of Michigan Professor Abigail J. Stewart, Gender, Considered was published in late 2020.

Each chapter of The Routledge Handbook of Feminist Economics, edited by University of Utah Professor Günseli Berik and Dickinson College Professor Ebru Kongar, “situates the topic within the history of the field, reflects upon current debates, and looks forward to identify cutting-edge research,” the publisher writes.

Reflecting the field’s “goal of strong objectivity,” the textbook draws on a wide range of traditions in feminist economics, from different disciplines and from a diverse mix of scholars. Jacobsen’s chapter on feminist use of quantitative methods rounds out the Handbook’s overview of the contributions of feminist economics, both within the discipline of economics and beyond.

The Handbook will be published in May.

An expert on labor economics, particularly the economics of gender, Jacobsen is the author of scores of journal articles and book chapters exploring sex segregation, migration and the effects of labor force intermittency on women’s earnings, among other topics. Her books include The Economics of Gender, Queer Economics: A Reader (co-edited with Adam Zeller), Labor Markets and Employment Relationships (with Gilbert L. Skillman) and Advanced Introduction to Feminist Economics, a monograph published in 2020.