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Janoff ’14 Thrives in Hospitality

Janoff 6The lessons Max Janoff ’14 learned on Boswell Field as a Hobart football offensive lineman serve him well in the marble ballrooms of the Crystal Plaza, where Janoff is now managing partner of the luxury event planning and catering firm his family has run for 100 years.

“Being on the team taught me a work ethic that stayed with me. I went to Hobart and saw how a team really operated. It gave me a sense of what winning is like and I learned how to bring that winning attitude to work,” Janoff says from his office in Livingston, N.J.

As managing partner, Janoff plays a leading role in overseeing the Crystal Plaza Group’s staff, answering inquiries and executing events. He also operates the company’s social media platforms, a nod to his media and society major while at the Colleges. For Janoff, “no two days look the same” and he enjoys playing a key role in making sure weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and other events at the Crystal Plaza unfold perfectly.

“I always enjoy seeing the finished product. Many events are big moments in our clients’ lives and we do our very best to make them special and memorable,” explains Janoff, who started working at the Crystal Plaza as a dishwasher when he was in high school to learn from the ground up. “It’s important for me to be involved in the whole process from start to finish. Being part of a family business allows me to do that and I like to think that we treat our clients like family.”

While at HWS, Janoff completed a minor in economics and co-founded the HWS Quad Olympics, which benefited the Finger Lakes nonprofit Happiness House.

“Hobart taught me many skills that I apply to my business and personal life, one of which is how to win and never to allow mediocracy to creep into my day to day of running our business. You show up and give it everything you’ve got each day,” says Janoff. “It prepared me for the real world. While being the best at what you do is essential, it’s also important to be humble and to give back to others and help when you can. That mentality will help you go even further in life and allow others to do the same.”