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Kanungo ’23 published in The Daily Star

Motivated by his recent college search experience, Sreyan Kanungo ’23 developed a guide for fellow international students to advise them through the American college application process. In August, his guide was published in Bangladesh’s largest English newspaper The Daily Star in an article titled “A step by step guide to US college applications.”

Kanungo says he wanted to simplify and clarify the application process for students interested in pursuing their education in the United States. The U.S. university admissions process, he explains, can be “daunting—too confusing and time consuming, and many students from Bangladesh believe they need to go through education agencies that are expensive.”

“There are many misconceptions,” says Kanungo, who intends to major in economics and join the HWS Debate team. “I wanted to do my best to simplify and structure the process for them in a way that seems clear and possible. I wanted to give them a foundation that allows them to assess what is best and most importantly feels possible for them.”

Kanungo’s guideline includes a series of steps on research, standardized test preparations, the Common App, essay writing, necessary documentation and financial aid.

During his college search, Kanungo says it was the debate team and the top-rated faculty that drew him to HWS. His high school debate coaches introduced him to the HWS Round Robin, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, and he was intrigued by the HWS community that prides itself with strong faculty-student relationships. HWS’ motto, “’Living lives of Consequences,’ also resonated in me what I was trying to do my entire high school life,” he says.

“I feel as though HWS will serve as a retreat for me to grow, and that vibe was quite important as I always felt it was important for me to envision progress,” he says.

A writer, Kanungo has had other pieces published in The Daily Star such as “Industry Insights: Understanding the Food Delivery Industry” and “Why You Should Go Paperless.”