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Leadership Institute 2017: Apply Now

In January, the Centennial Center for Leadership (CCL) will host Leadership Institute 2017.  The seventh edition of the annual conference will offer HWS and Geneva High School students a diverse program of workshops, activities and speakers designed to develop their creative problem-solving skills and broaden their understanding of the challenges associated with community, entrepreneurial and global leadership.

“Each year the Centennial Center strives to build a conference that offers attendees the opportunity to explore the many facets of leadership in an interactive and dynamic environment,” says Kaylyn O’Brien ’12, coordinator of leadership programs at the CCL. “Students from all class years and backgrounds come together and get to delve into leadership, learning collaboratively with faculty, staff, alums and Geneva community members. LI is a great place to build meaningful connections.”

The chosen theme for this year is unity, building on last year’s themes of critical dialogue and social justice by engaging students in a discourse meant to cultivate a sense of common purpose within the Colleges and between the HWS campus and the broader community.

A hallmark of Leadership Institute is the emphasis on student choice; attendees are given the autonomy to design their own conference experience. Students can choose the workshops they attend as well as the topics they discuss in their “Home Groups,” small clusters of participants who reflect and debrief about their conference experiences together.

“The best thing about Leadership Institute is that it’s a customized opportunity for every student,” says Student Coordinator Julianne Rizzotti ‘17. “The goal for each student is not only to enhance their leadership skills, but to better understand themselves and the world around them.”

“We are working toward creating a unified and familial experience for everyone involved,” says fellow Coordinator Lyndsey Ackerman ’18. “We hope students leave with a positive sense of how they can use their leadership to help make a difference in our world.”

Applications, due this Friday, Nov. 18, can be found on CCL’s CollegiateLink page. Students can submit their applications via email to leadership@hws.edu or drop off a hard copy to the Centennial Center at 603 South Main St.