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Developing Leaders with Passion and Intention

Leadership Institue 2018-00061The spring semester kicked off with the eighth annual Leadership Institute, a three-day professional conference designed to enhance the leadership skills of HWS and Geneva High School students hosted by the Centennial Center. Participants had access to a range of workshops, activities and speakers designed to develop their problem-solving skills while enhancing their understanding of community, global and entrepreneurial leadership.

“In today’s society, we need leaders with authenticity, passion and intention,” says Assistant Director of Leadership Programs Kaylyn O’Brien ’12. “The Leadership Institute 2018 conference was dedicated to the exploration of self and designed to help students cultivate their passions and learn how to leverage those passions with intention.”

This year, student attendees were asked: who are you, where have you been and where are you going? With a focus on self-discovery in the context of leadership, participants had the opportunity to reflect on who they are and discover who they can be.

A key feature of the Leadership Institute is the emphasis on autonomy that allows students to design their own conference experience. Students choose what workshops they attend as well as the topics they discuss in their “Home Groups,” small clusters of participants who reflect and debrief about their conference experience.

Workshops at the Leadership Institute included: “Develop Creative Problem Solving through Design Thinking,” “Foundations for Leadership: A Values Clarification Experience” and “The Danger of a Single Story: Diversity, Vulnerability and Possibility” among other topics.

This year’s student coordinators were Shweta Patel ’18, Niame Traore ’18 and Annie Choi ’18