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Learning Rhythms of the Music Industry at Sony

As an intern in the royalty department at Sony Music Entertainment’s headquarters in New York City, Matthew DiCostanzo ’19 is navigating the behind-the-scenes negotiations involved in getting music from the artists to the listeners.

“It’s easy to recognize trends in popular music, but I am interested in what goes behind this, what kind of work it takes to make certain artists and projects successful,” DiCostanzo says.

Sony Music Entertainment’s global presence includes not only with a roster of chart-topping contemporary artists but a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. Artists on Sony’s labels, which include Columbia Records, RCA Records, Epic Records and more, range from Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey, Journey to A Tribe Called Quest.

During his internship, DiCostanzo is reading contracts and analyzing and consolidating their details to streamline the royalty process.

“You don’t really see the work that goes behind the music we all know and love,” says DiCostanzo, noting the confidential nature of contracts and royalties. “This internship is valuable in the sense that it will teach me about that work.”

DiCostanzo is a political science major. On campus, he hosts a radio show on WHWS.FM and is a member of the HWS Pride club.