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Lunar New Year and the ASU

Gail Quintos, Asian Student Union Lunar New Year PerformanceThe Asian Student Union celebrated the Lunar New Year through a semi-formal dinner and dance Jan 28. The Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in Asian cultures, providing an opportunity to celebrate a year of hard work, offer wishes for a prosperous year, and honor deities. It is believed that having a good start to the new year will result in a successful year.

Celebrating the year of the Rooster, the ASU organized a buffet dinner along with dance performances by Cornell University students performing Wushu dance, Korean Traditional Dance and the Lion Dance. The event also featured a performance by the HWS group Perfect Third, who sang “All Time Low” by John Bellion.

“I really loved the dancing and performance. I never saw dancing like that before so it was really interesting to watch,” says Keirys Peña ’17.

Asian Student Union Lunar New Year PerformanceThe Asian Student Union formed to promote awareness and appreciation of the Asian and Asian American cultures within the Colleges and the Geneva community. The goal of the club is to encourage all individuals of all races/cultures to join and collectively learn more about the different traditions within the Asian community.

Club Co-President Sara DeVault-Feldman ’17 has discovered that members of ASU not only learn about Asian culture; they also gain leadership skills that help them outside of the club. They have also had the opportunity to learn to work well with others and to make new friends, she adds.

Later this semester, the club hopes to organize a karaoke night, a trip to an Asian market in Rochester and a celebration for the festival of Night Markets.