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Magee on Flooding in the Japan Times

Professor of Environmental Studies Darrin Magee offered his expertise on China’s environment and water issues in an article about flooding along the Yangtze River that appeared in the Japan Times on Aug. 14.

Every year, China experiences serious flooding that costs lives and damages property, despite investments in levees, dams and canals.

“Three Gorges Dam can hold a lot of water, but not the entire Yangtze,” Magee explains, noting that dams “may be useful for controlling floods in normal years but not years like this.” He predicts that flooding in China will continue to worsen due to climate change.

Magee is a China geographer with political ecological leanings whose research on China focuses primarily on water and energy infrastructure and institutions. He has published work on large-scale hydropower in China, rural energy provision in Yunnan and water provision and conservancy infrastructure.

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Magee, who joined the faculty in 2008, earned a Ph.D. in geography the University of Washington. He serves as director of the Asian Environmental Studies Initiative, which works to infuse East Asia into research and teaching on human-environment relations.