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Mashori ’22 Interns for Pakistan Foreign Ministry

Saima Mashori ’22 is interning in her home country of Pakistan at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad. In the division of Policy Planning and Public Diplomacy, she has been researching Pakistan’s Foreign Policy and generating new strategic solutions to improve its diplomatic relations with other states.

“This internship has taught me that issues relating to global politics are not as simple as they may seem,” says Mashori, an international relations major. “In this age of globalization, states have many matters they need to consider before establishing and strengthening their foreign diplomatic ties. I believe interning at the foreign ministry allowed me to fully comprehend that.”

During the internship, Mashori also worked on a project related to Pakistan’s past nuclear program, and has been volunteering at an orphanage in the outskirts of the city. At the orphanage, Mashori and her team are creating a health, nutrition and sanitation program for the children.

On campus, Mashori is a member of the second cohort of Centennial Scholars at the Centennial Center. She began in the HWS Leads Certificate program in the spring of 2019 taking the “Leadership Theory 1” course. “The certificate program allows me to excel at HWS because the coursework provides me with a clearer understanding of international relations and foreign diplomatic matters.”

Mashori has served as an America Reads tutor and is a member of HWS Girl Up.