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Mauch ’17 Joins Bain & Co.

IMG_3518 DUNo one could say that Kelly Mauch ’17 does not embrace life with vigor. The recent summa cum laude William Smith graduate already has a resume that would be the envy of most undergraduates — and it so impressed the staff at the management consulting firm Bain & Company that they invited her to join an all-female empowered human resources team, following a demanding seven interviews.

Mauch’s individual major in Public Health Policy: Social Activism, Environmental Awareness and Cultural Contexts guided her toward positions of increasing responsibility throughout her HWS years. It led her, for example, to internships at Amnesty International USA and the Partnership for Public Service. She also served as house manager for the Local Organic Food theme house and was co-president of the Sustainable Foods Club, where she worked on the Real Food Challenge campaign.

“Every course, internship and extracurricular I have been a part of has contributed to the person I am today,” she says. “Whether it’s through the people I’ve developed relationships with or the things I learned in a textbook or service learning experiences, I’ve grown.”

Mauch credits the Centennial Center for Leadership with preparing her to undertake her role at Bain. She participated in the HWS Leadership Certificate Program and was a member of the Centennial Center’s student advisory board. “[The staff of the Centennial Center] encouraged my leadership at HWS and influenced my decision to go down a professional career committed to leadership and development,” she says.

The Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education also played a role in Mauch’s success. “I think the fact that I had an internship after my first, sophomore and junior years in addition to a job before graduation speaks to that,” she says.

Additionally, Mauch honed her interpersonal and presentation skills while working as a tour guide, panelist and senior interviewer in the admissions office. “They are all so willing and devoted to helping build my professional network and prepare me for interviews,” she says.

At Bain’s office in San Francisco, she will be “leading and supporting the on-boarding process for new consultants recruited from top-tier universities, coordinating global training programs for the Bay Area, working with legal counsel to schedule non-harassment training, creating presentations for West Coast office meetings, and managing various programs such as business school processes,” she says.

Mauch isn’t sure where she’ll be five or 10 years down the road, but she is hopeful that her leadership skills will come into play. “Right now my goal is to be present in this part of my life’s journey.”