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Meleras ’85 Publishes Baseball-Themed Novel

Baseball—the focus of 1985 grad Benjie Meleras’ first book, The Golden Moment—plays a key role in the author’s second book, Sandborne’s Boys. “Everything starts with baseball but the journey is [about] more than baseball,” says Meleras.

Published in August, Sandborne’s Boys tells the story of a handful of individuals—including a Hall of Fame pitcher, a Rhodes scholar and a French recording star—whose lives are changed for the better by the work of David Sandborne, a man who struggles with heartbreak before founding a publishing company in the 1950s.

“It would grow into an empire and enable him to influence, affect and enhance the lives of millions,” says Meleras. “His work and magic would be felt for generations, earning him the nickname, The American Saint.”

An economics major while attending Hobart, Meleras’ interest in storytelling was spurred by his experiences on the ball field. He played baseball for Hobart, and went on to play for teams in Montreal and in France, where he was a member of the Paris University Club and French National Team in the Olympic qualifying tournaments in 1983 and 1987. “[At that time] I wrote a few pages and had a working title. It did not go far though it remained in my mind,” he says.

Several years later, inspired both by his own baseball memories as well as time spent working in management for the Toronto Blue Jays, he published The Golden Moment, about a Hobart College pitcher who follows his dream to become a professional baseball player.

Both of Meleras’ books include scenes that take place in the Finger Lakes, and the author says his college years provided him with material that he repurposes in his fictional accounts. “Both books have characters and events that were influenced by my days at Hobart,” he says. “There are names that are similar and events that sort of happened.”

Currently a resident of Montreal, Meleras works as a product marketing manager for Future Electronics, a global distributor of electronics components, and writes in his spare time. His writing, he says, is an opportunity to share with others his thoughts and tales from his life.

“I have had interesting experiences and been in extraordinary circumstances that have inspired me. I think I have stories to tell that people will enjoy.”

Both books are available on Amazon.