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Mindfulness in the New Year

The community is invited to join the meditation group, Sit and Talk, on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. as they reflect on self and community.

The HWS Mindfulness Club invites members of the HWS and greater community to join Sit and Talk, a weekly meditation group with counselor Nanci Rose.

“This is a great opportunity to meditate, practice mindfulness and meet people interested in learning mindfulness,” says HWS Mindfulness Club Vice President Caroline Jones ’22. “I would recommend it to anyone.” Jones is the student representative for Sit and Talk events. Sessions will take place via Zoom at 5:30 p.m. every Thursday, and are open to all HWS students, faculty, staff and the local community.

The name “Sit and Talk” is inspired by the term “sitting,” a popular way to refer to the practice of meditating. Every Thursday, Sit and Talk sessions will be 40 minutes and will alternate between “silent sits” and open discussion. Topics will be geared toward deepening connection to oneself, as well as one’s neighbors, the environment and the global community. A new theme will be selected each week. Rose will also demonstrate a specific meditation technique.

Sessions will be led by Nanci Rose, private counselor and the author of Living Tibet. “Nanci is truly a wonderful and healing soul,” Jones says.

Rose’s counseling includes strength-based support for issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, life stages and changes, loss, and family of those with mental illness. Rose previously served as an addiction treatment and education specialist at Cornell University. She holds a certificate in trauma counseling from University of Buffalo, and N.Y. State certifications as a crime victim’s advocate and end-of-life care.

Rose says her goal is to create a “peaceful environment” where participants of all ages “can share thoughts on finding inner balance during these difficult times.”

RSVP to mindfulness@hws.edu to sign up and receive a Zoom link.

The group is co-sponsored by Waterloo Library and Historical Society and HWS Mindfulness. Alyssa Capuano ’21 is the founder and president of HWS Mindfulness Club.